Kia Dezh Persian (KD Persian) Engineering Company has been established to participate in civil engineering services and development of our dear country since 2007. The company aims to exploit full technical and engineering potential of managers and partners, all having valuable and long experiences in urban development, road construction, building and technical structures affairs.

The general policy of the company encompasses practical obligation and commitment, technical principles and regulations, and is based on mutual respect between partners and employers.

Using genuine attempt of personnel and by ever increasing success, we hope that this company has a prominent role in development and construction of the country.

Registration Information of the Company:

Type of company: Private J.S.

Place of registration: Tehran

Reg. No.: 313918

National ID No.: 10103494590

Economic code: 411356556617

Zip code: 1998713884

Date of Reg.: Dec. 01, 2007